Söderströms VitoMin can
not be purchased via the Internet. Ask for VitoMIn at your health store.

What’s the most suitable way to take my VitoMin powder?
The easiest way is to mix it in a glass of water, sprinkle the powder on yogurt, porridge, mix it in a smoothie or protein drink or mix it with what you happen to be eating.
We recommend that you take VitoMin along with a meal because it has a catalytic effect on the nutritional substances that are in the food. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are assimilated well by vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Why does the VitoMIn powder turn yellow when mixed with water?

Vitamins and minerals contain natural colouring substances and it is that change the colour of the water.

I am trying to lose weight. Can VitoMin Adult powder prevent weight loss?No, on the contrary. If you change you diet it is important that you also take a complete supplement. VitoMin Adult is an extremely valuable nutritional drink even when fasting.

Why do you need to take food supplements?
Almost half of the energy many of us get today derives from refined and processed fast food. Lunch restaurants and fast food chains unfortunately very often serve food with much too low vitamin and mineral content.

Vitamins – what are they really?
Vitamins are organic nutritional substances in small amounts that body themselves while others have to be added through food.
Minerals on the other hand differ from vitamins in that they are non-organic which means that they cannot be created by living organisms. Plants take up minerals from the soil and we humans receive them from our food.
Amino acids are the main ingredients in protein and must be added regularly to the body. Of the total numbers or amino acids (22) in number, 8 of them are so called essential which means they must be added through food.
Plant enzymes release vitamins and minerals and take part in the breakdown of amino acids. Bromelain and papain are called vegetable pepsins because they break down proteins in a way that likens the bodies own pepsin.

Our family use food supplements VitoMin for adults and children. I would like to know how the product is produced. Do they contain completely natural substances or are they produced from so called artificial vitamins etc?
In answer to your question VitoMin is a mixture of identical to natural and natural vitamins.

The term natural is a bit diffuse regarding vitamins to-day, because the identical to natural has a structure which is similar to natural. They are extracted from natural substances and then copied. The identical to natural vitamins have the advantage that they are more pure when one considers to-days artificial manures and gene manipulated.


The determining factor so that we can still say that VitoMin is as natural as it can be, is because there are no additives of preservatives, colouring agents, tasting agents, aromas, emulsifiable agents, sweeteners etc added. It is a well known fact that many of the different E-additives can lead to biochemical oversensitivity (allergies) particularly in children.Produced according to AMP

The vitamins we use have pharmaceutical quality and the products are produced according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Praxis) so that you, the client, will have the greatest possible security when you use them.